Year of the Monster

2015 Atomic Pomegranate. A hulking, staggering, herculean, aural assault on social standards. Violent, spell-binding, strange, hilarious, yet soft on the skin. A non-legally binding hallucinogenic road trip wandering aimlessly across the desert before crashing into its own garage door then hacking its way through the garden of flower power. American Haiku. Sonic Vandalism. Peer through the rear window into a bizarre and tantalizing soundtrack of bad decisions cast on 180 grams of top-notch black vinyl by Quality Record Pressings in Salina, Kansas.

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A Monument Carved With Serpents

2009 Atomic Pomegranate. Releasing itself from further legal liability, Atomic Pomegranate jumps the shark sandwich in the presence of reliable witnesses this time, with a suggestive biopic at once entertaining and masterful in the arts of primetime melodrama and after school special. If you ever got cut in wood shop, spent time on probation, or just didn't get your yearbook signed this one is for you. Buy it now, hear it later. The soundtrack to scratching your head.

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